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The Mobile Revolution Is Your Business Ready

The Mobile Revolution: Is Your Business Ready?

According to a recent report from UPS, mobile shopping will account for 48.5 percent of e-commerce sales by 2020, nearly eclipsing computer-based online shopping. “Over the past five years, shoppers have simply become more comfortable using their mobile devices to research and buy online, resulting in more time and […]

The Advantages Of Mobile Point-Of-Sale Solutions For Niche Businesses

The Advantages Of Mobile Point-Of-Sale Solutions For Niche Merchants

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are traditionally stationed at a dedicated counter in a store, where employees swipe a payment card or accept cash. In recent years, however, mobile POS (mPOS) solutions have made it easy for merchants to accept credit cards wherever they are, from convention centers to flea markets […]

Who Really Benefits From Pay-At-The-Table Solutions

Who Really Benefits From Pay-At-The-Table Solutions?

Your guests want delicious food, great service, and a hassle-free dining experience. And, though it may not be their first thought as they browse through your menu, guests also want to know that their sensitive cardholder information is protected. Implementing a pay-at-the-table solution can help secure payments, increase table […]