Healthcare Industry Exposed To Massive Data Breaches And Big Fines

Healthcare Industry Exposed To Massive Data Breaches And Big Fines

We know that cybersecurity is incredibly important for businesses across all industries. However, it’s perhaps most important in the healthcare industry – the highly confidential information that passes through healthcare systems can include full legal names, home addresses, Social Security numbers, health care provider information, and sensitive medical data.
In […]

EMV Scams Are One The Rise

EMV Scams Are On The Rise

Merchants continue to make progress toward EMV certification and consumers are becoming used to the new payment process. EMV technology helps protect cardholder data at the point-of-sale (POS), but criminals are taking advantage of the lengthy EMV transition.
Criminals have started preying on consumers with an email phishing scam. These […]

Criminals Resorting To Bluetooth To Hack Consumers' Credit Card Info At Gas Stations

Criminals Resorting To Bluetooth To Hack Consumers’ Credit Card Info At Gas Stations

Police in Dallas have recently issued warnings about a new tactic being used by criminals at gas stations – criminals are skimming payment card data from gas pumps using Bluetooth-enabled devices. Reports state that five Exxon stations in North Dallas have been targeted so far.
To utilize this tactic, criminals […]

EMV - A Necessary Evil

EMV – A Necessary Evil

Reasons for slow EMV adoption can range from certification issues to concerns with the customer experience. While banks, processors, and vendors work quickly to tackle the certification queue, merchants are advised to wait patiently for their payment systems to be certified – a waiting game that can easily stretch […]

Cicis Pizza Data Breach

Cici’s Pizza Data Breach

Cici’s, a national pizza chain, was recently the victim of data breach caused by malware-infected point-of-sale (POS) systems at an estimated 140 restaurants throughout the United States. The company made a statement letting customers know that their payment card information may have been compromised in the attack.
In the wake of […]