4 Ways Blockchain Is Shaking Things Up And Why You Can't Afford To Miss Out

4 Ways Blockchain Is Shaking Things Up And Why You Can’t Afford To Miss Out

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the banking industry, speeding up payments and shoring up security. But what is blockchain, and how is it going to accomplish these goals? And how does it stack up to other disruptive technologies?
What Are Disruptive Technologies?
If a new technology is really going to […]

World Government Stances On Blockchain

World Government Stances On Blockchain

There is huge potential for digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies, to disrupt the payments industry. Digital currencies offer many benefits to the tech-savvy consumer and come with few drawbacks. Blockchain technology offers secure, fast payments at a low cost.
Digital Currency Around The World
As digital currency gains prominence, and […]

A Proof-of-Payment System Built on Blockchain

How American Express Aims to Keep You Safe: A Proof-of-Payment System Built on Blockchain

Recently, American Express filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a proof-of-purchase system powered by blockchain technology. One of the heaviest hitters in the financial services industry embracing blockchain would seem a ringing endorsement of the emerging technology, but what exactly is blockchain, and […]

Same-Day Payments

Same-Day ACH: What You Need To Know

ACH, the network that makes it possible for organizations to make direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments, just got a substantial upgrade. Historically, most ACH payments were settled within a few business days. Now, the infrastructure exists for same-day settlement. What’s more, all Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs) will […]

HITEC Houston

On The Road Again

Every summer, thousands of folks make their way to the world’s largest hospitality technology show – HITEC. This year, we’re sending our team to Houston to co-exhibit with our long-time partner, First Data, and to provide payments advice to thousands of hoteliers.

Secure Payments, Everywhere
You need a mobile point of sale […]

Scottsdale Chamber Friday Forum

Scottsdale Chamber Friday Forum: Payment Technologies And Credit Card Processing 101

Join us for the Friday Forum at the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce on Friday, April 6, 2018 to learn more about the credit card processing industry and our MiPoint and WAVit solutions.
As merchant advocates, we are excited to teach members of the Scottsdale business community about getting the […]

Tis The Season To Start Preparing For The Holidays

‘Tis The Season To Start Preparing For The Holidays

We’re coming off of a massive holiday shopping season. Despite a slower-than-expected start to the year, sales were up nearly 6% in November and December. But, while many brands celebrated the end-of-year bump, 2018 has already been tough – think store closings, e-commerce shifts, and other consumer considerations.
While we’re […]

What The Future Of Payments Looks Like

The Future Of Payments: 3 Predictions For What Comes Next

There’s no question the payment landscape is constantly evolving. From the boom in global payments to the need for more on-the-go solutions, businesses are demanding bigger, better, more sophisticated solutions – and MiCamp is committed to delivering. Because we’re laser-focused on what comes next.
Person-To-Person Payments
While sending money to friends […]