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Criminals Resorting To Bluetooth To Hack Consumers' Credit Card Info At Gas Stations

Criminals Resorting To Bluetooth To Hack Consumers’ Credit Card Info At Gas Stations

Police in Dallas have recently issued warnings about a new tactic being used by criminals at gas stations – criminals are skimming payment card data from gas pumps using Bluetooth-enabled devices. Reports state that five Exxon stations in North Dallas have been targeted so far.

To utilize this tactic, criminals install a Bluetooth-enabled skimming device onto the gas pumps. The skimming device isn’t visible from the exterior of the gas pump which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a consumer to detect the device. Consumers continue to use the pump without knowing that their payment card data is being siphoned off. The criminals then access the payment card data from the pump with their phone or other Bluetooth device. This reduces their risk of being caught – they don’t have to tamper with the machine a second time to retrieve the siphoned data.

Pump skimmers can be a gold mine for criminals – connected to the gas pump’s internal power source, these Bluetooth-enabled skimmers are able to operate indefinitely without relying on batteries. The Dallas police have recommended that consumers protect their card data by paying inside instead of at the pump. Another tip? Use gas pumps that are closest to the attendants, as these pumps are less likely to have skimmers installed on them when compared to street-facing pumps.

It’s worth noting that skimming devices are not just a problem at gas pumps – ATMs and point-of-sale terminals are also targets for criminals. Merchants should watch for suspicious behavior and regularly check their devices for tampering. Additionally, merchants can utilize the layered payment security technology of EMV, end-to-end encryption, and tokenization to ensure that sensitive payment card data isn’t available for criminals to steal.

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