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The Advantages Of Mobile Point-Of-Sale Solutions For Niche Businesses

The Advantages Of Mobile Point-Of-Sale Solutions For Niche Merchants

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are traditionally stationed at a dedicated counter in a store, where employees swipe a payment card or accept cash. In recent years, however, mobile POS (mPOS) solutions have made it easy for merchants to accept credit cards wherever they are, from convention centers to flea markets to customer homes. For niche service providers like masseuses and handymen, an mPOS allows them to securely accept card payments anywhere their business takes them – no longer relying on cash, check, or payment over the phone.

If your business operates out of various locations throughout the day, here are a few ways an mPOS solution can help you increase customer satisfaction and expand your business.

Customer Convenience
Accepting card payment at the time of service is more convenient for customers – they won’t have to take out cash ahead of time, write a check, or call in a card payment later. Ease of payment could be a driving factor when customers are deciding whether to use a service again. Thanks to mPOS solutions, more and more service providers like mobile dog groomers and cleaning services are able to accept card payment. If customers are consistently asking if you accept plastic, consider adding mobile payments.

Increased Sales
Accepting card payments does come with credit card processing fees, but studies have shown that customers spend more when they’re using a credit card. For some merchants that translates into more items sold, but credit cards also influence spending for service-based merchants. Convincing a customer to add on services may be easier if they don’t need to have extra cash available or rewrite a check to do so. Another plus? If a mobile business accepts card-not-present (CNP) transactions, like when a customer calls in a payment and the card is not present (e.g., swiped or dipped into a payment terminal), merchants will find that they’re paying a higher processing rate for CNP transactions versus the lower rate they would pay with an mPOS.

Protection Of Funds
For mobile businesses, accepting cash means carrying a large amount of money around throughout the day. Switching to card payments means that funds are securely transferred from bank to bank – protecting your business in the event of a robbery. For businesses that accept personal checks, misplacing a check can result in inconveniences for both the merchant and the customer. The customer must notify their bank and cancel the check, and mail or deliver a new check to the merchant – and losing a customer’s check can cause customer trust to dwindle. With immediate, secure card payments, the funds cannot be misplaced and card data is protected via payment security technologies like tokenization and encryption.

For niche businesses hoping to rapidly grow, it’s important to put practices in place that ensure they capture every customer possible. By accepting credit card payments, these businesses will be able to provide top-quality customer service and increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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