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The Mobile Revolution Is Your Business Ready

The Mobile Revolution: Is Your Business Ready?

According to a recent report from UPS, mobile shopping will account for 48.5 percent of e-commerce sales by 2020, nearly eclipsing computer-based online shopping. “Over the past five years, shoppers have simply become more comfortable using their mobile devices to research and buy online, resulting in more time and money channeled via m-commerce,” the UPS report stated. “The projections for continued growth in m-commerce make it essential that retailers of all sizes be properly positioned to provide an optimal experience via mobile devices.”

Here are a few things merchants can do to appeal to mobile users.

Update Your Website
Conduct a full audit of your website using a mobile device to see your site through the eyes of a customer who visits on a phone or tablet. If necessary, consider investing in resources to make your site more mobile-friendly. You can also use Google’s tool to test the speed of your website on mobile devices – slow loading times can translate into lost sales. However, the checkout and payment process is possibly the most important part of mobile sales. Check with your payments provider to determine what tests you can conduct to make sure your customers can easily and securely make purchases online.

Monitor Results
Once you’ve put your mobile strategy in place, pay close attention to customer interactions with your website. With analytics, you can determine how many customers are visiting from a mobile device versus a desktop. And, you can monitor whether mobile visits are growing over time. You can identify problems by noting customer entry and exit points. Could shopping cart abandonment mean something is wrong with your checkout process? Analytic data can help you improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

Target By Location
You can increase in-store sales by targeting customers while they’re using mobile devices. Thanks to geotargeting, you have a few different ways to connect with customers near your business. One is location-based search, which is available by creating a Google My Business page and keeping it up to date. The second option is geofencing. Geofencing is an emerging technology that allows you to block off an area around a physical location and target mobile devices in that area with ads or special offers. Another option is to use beacons to send messages to customers within a smaller area – meaning you can provide customers with offers based on the section of the store they are in. However, you will need to build or have an existing app – and have your customers download it and enable notifications – in order to utilize geofencing or beacon technology.

Customers are gradually moving toward mobile devices for everything they do, from ordering takeout to completing their holiday shopping. Merchants can capitalize on this trend by adjusting their websites and marketing strategies to be more mobile-friendly.

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