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3 Reasons To Adopt An mPOS Solution

3 Reasons To Adopt An mPOS Solution

As merchants aim to improve operations and the customer experience, many are moving to more mobile and unique ways to accept payments. Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions offer merchants a convenient and simple way to accept payments wherever their business may take them. And while the stars of this mobile innovation might be speed and convenience, smart merchants are also focused on security and keeping costs low. The many benefits of an mPOS solution include increased customer satisfaction, security, and revenue.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction – Do you know anyone who has ever camped out for concert tickets? How about for the latest tech gadget? Some people just love to queue. According to MIT Professor Richard Larson, each of us spends about two years waiting in lines. But not all that waiting is by choice or for novelty. Much of that waiting gets to be irritating – waiting in line can cause people to leave a store, changing their minds about an intended transaction. Thanks to the latest in payment processing technology, the quandary of the queue is being solved one store at a time. If you’ve been to an Apple store in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a complete lack of traditional registers. Sales associates now carry portable pay stations, offering tailored service. The same associate can quickly locate an item, accept payment, print or email a receipt, and wish the customer a nice day. No lines required.
  2. Increased Security – When a customer chooses a store, restaurant, or organization for a purchase, they expect their data will be protected. Merchants should consider implementing an mPOS solution that comes fully-equipped with the latest security technologies like EMV, point-to-point encryption, and tokenization. Layered together, these technologies ensure that merchants are not storing, processing, or transmitting sensitive customer data – protecting merchants from the effects of a financially-devastating and brand-damaging data breach.

    EMV acceptance is important for any type of business because merchants can be held financially responsible for chargebacks if they cannot process EMV payments. By adopting an EMV-capable mPOS solution, merchants can start accepting EMV payments right away – protecting their business from chargebacks and saving money.

  3. Increased Revenue – Offering grade-A security is important, and mPOS solutions can be great for the bottom line. For instance, restaurants utilizing a pay-at-the-table solution see faster table turnover rates – meaning they can serve more customers per day, increasing overall revenue. For retail environments, an mPOS can help alleviate customer frustration over long lines. And the best retail mPOS also makes it easy to offer military, student, and senior citizen discounts. For merchants on the move, an mPOS can help them accept payments anywhere their business takes them – even if “anywhere” is an area with little to no Wi-Fi coverage.

With MiPoint + Clover, our innovative and mobile solution, you can experience these benefits and more. Use it as a standalone system or integrate it into the systems you currently have. The seamless integration with legacy POS systems like MICROS, POSitouch, and InfoGenesis means you won’t have to ditch the systems you’ve already invested in. Contact us today to learn more about how MiPoint can work for your business.

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