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MiCamp Releases MiPoint 2.0

MiCamp Releases MiPoint 2.0

The most cutting-edge payment solution just got an upgrade. We are proud to introduce MiPoint 2.0. Having processed over $7 million across tens of thousands of transactions to date, our MiPoint solution has already proven to be a force for secure, convenient, and reliable payment acceptance. Version 2.0 delivers even greater reliability, an updated interface, and even more options for seamlessly integrating into your current system.

Same Spectacular Security
At MiCamp, we know the importance of security. So even though MiPoint has a fresh new look and works with even more point-of-sale (POS) systems, it has the same tried-and-true payment security technology that has protected numerous transactions. We built MiPoint from the ground up with the layered security of tokenization, point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and EMV. While your customers may not know about the alphabet soup that is payment security technology, they do know that instances of data breaches are becoming more common. Securing your customers’ payment card data with our full suite of payment security technologies means that you won’t store, process, or transmit any of that sensitive data.

Greater Reliability
Along with security, one of the most important aspects of payment processing is reliability. If cashiers and servers are unable to process a transaction, it can cause ever-compounding delays, negatively impacting customer satisfaction. We are proud to announce MiPoint 2.0 boasts 99.99% uptime and our fastest transaction times to date. That means shorter lines, shorter wait times, and the ability to conduct more transactions for a greater level of customer service.

Better Looking
We know good looks aren’t everything – but when it comes to server-facing and customer-facing payment software used in fast-paced environments, it sure doesn’t hurt. From easy-to-understand messaging to more intuitive user-facing screens, MiPoint 2.0 has been redesigned to look better, feel more intuitive, and continue to optimize the checkout process.

Powerful Integrations
We developed MiPoint 2.0 to integrate into even more POS systems. With support for more systems on the MICROS and Agilysys platforms, MiPoint 2.0 allows even more merchants to continue using their legacy POS systems. So, if you’re just starting out with MiPoint, you can look forward to skipping the usual slowdown that occurs when retraining staff. And, with hardware options from both Clover and Ingenico, you can customize the solution to fit your needs.

Now is the time to consider how a payment solution like MiPoint can help delight your customers and keep them coming back, while protecting their information and growing your business. Get the security and reliability you need, with the integrations you want, with the new MiPoint 2.0. For more information, get in touch with our sales team.

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