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Partner Spotlight: Clover

Partner Spotlight: Clover

Innovation isn’t a solo sport – for us, it’s a team effort. That’s why, from the beginning, we’ve been eager to tap strategic partners who align with our goals, mission, and merchant-first sensibility, and who, through their own unique values and goals, make us better.

One of those partners is Clover, a First Data company that provides comprehensive business management systems which effortlessly track inventory, manage employees, and enable merchants to quickly and easily accept payments. We’ve partnered with Clover to do more, together – specifically, to bring to market MiPoint + Clover, a powerful, productive mobile point-of-sale, or mPOS.

MiPoint + Clover was developed to do it all: accept payments, run reports, customize tips and discounts, and provide extensive analytics, all with a few quick taps. To date, we’ve processed more than $10 million, and tapped into dozens of unique integrations. While its footprint is small, MiPoint + Clover is definitely mighty.

The Benefits Of MiPoint + Clover
We’ve seen the countless benefits of this go-anywhere, do-anything approach. Namely, that our merchants can now go wherever their customers are – outdoor dining, food festivals and trucks, pop up locations, special events. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, it’s easier than ever to accept payments as needed. And, to keep up with today’s fast-paced businesses, MiPoint + Clover enables merchants to add on as many terminals and employees as needed, all managed from a single Clover merchant account. The best part? There’s never a fee to add more employees.

Another reason this leading-edge partnership is so critical? Unlike most POS systems that require merchants to purchase costly hardware and software, MiPoint + Clover seamlessly integrates with existing systems including MICROS, POSitouch, and more. It’s the simplest, most intuitive way to stay in step with the latest PCI requirements, while protecting the POS investment merchants have already made.

Driving Growth & Success
Our Clover partnership has been central to our growth and evolution and, with multiple models and options, there’s limitless potential for both of our companies as well as the merchants and partners we support.

Clover Mini – Whether merchants want a basic terminal or a full-featured POS, the Clover Mini can do both. Adding more POS capabilities and components as business needs change has never been easier. Right out of the box, merchants can accept payment via swipe, dip, or tap – all with a lightweight POS that helps keep counter space clear.

Clover Mobile – A completely portable POS that can support any size business in any industry. Handheld and perfect for mobile businesses or businesses with multiple transaction points, this mPOS is an intuitive and reliable payment solution that was designed for a single purpose – secure payments. Accept credit and debit via swipe, dip, or tap – and do it all quickly and securely.

Clover Flex – Built to do business whenever and wherever a merchant may need it, the Clover Flex is the newest addition to the mPOS family. Small in size, Clover Flex is easy to hand to customers in the aisle, at the table, or out in the field to process secure transactions. With the Flex, it’s all about flexibility – from accepting a full suite of payment types to processing payments in areas with little (or no) signal, the Flex is ideal for small businesses that need to go big. And, this solution scales, offering added support and services to help any growing business.

Like MiCamp, Clover recognizes the constantly-evolving needs of today’s growing businesses and, together, we’re continually rolling out services and solutions that support and enhance this all-important journey. Get in touch to learn more about the MiPoint + Clover partnership, and to see how these simple, portable solutions can help your business keep moving forward.

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