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Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions Are The Future Of Payment Processing

Semi-Integrated Payment Solutions Are The Future

Since the EMV liability shift, merchants must decide which type of payment solution best suits and protects their business. While there are benefits to a fully integrated solution, it can often take more time and more money to develop than a semi-integrated solution.

Key Advantages Of A Semi-Integrated EMV Payment Solution

Semi-integrated payments are easy to implement and offer several time- and cost-saving advantages, making them the preferred payment solution for many merchants.

Faster EMV certification
Semi-integrated payment solutions are pre-certified, specifically for EMV and PCI compliance. The software in these semi-integrated solutions has all the payment features and functionalities fully tested and certified for connectivity to a payment gateway or processor. With the EMV certification already completed, merchants will save time and money becoming EMV compliant.

Easy to implement
The plug-and-play nature of a semi-integrated solution makes it easy to quickly start accepting payments from card brands like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. These solutions save merchants considerable amounts of time, as a fully integrated solution can take months to implement and merchants may run into several technical issues along the way.

Increased protection of card data
Semi-integrated payment solutions come with highly advanced security features, such as end-to-end encryption and tokenization. This multi-layered security approach not only helps to protect cardholder data, but helps reduce a merchant’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope.

Semi-integrated solutions can be evaluated to ensure that sensitive payment card data is handled within a secure, PCI payment application data-security standard (PA-DSS) setting or within a secure, PCI PIN transaction environment, so that payment card data is not exposed. For some semi-integrated solutions, the entire solution is evaluated as being out of PCI scope and therefore eliminates “the merchant’s costly, twice-annual obligation to certify the system.”

Introducing MiCamp’s Semi-Integrated Payment Solution

At MiCamp Solutions, we’ve developed our own semi-integrated payment solution – MiPoint. Our MiPoint solution is EMV certified, PCI compliant, and comes with layered payment security technologies: end-to-end-encryption and tokenization. This means sensitive payment card data is never stored, processed, or transmitted with MiPoint.

MiPoint integrates with many point-of-sale (POS) systems like MICROS, Agilysys, and POSitouch, so merchants can keep the POS systems they have invested in and are familiar with. And with MiPoint, it’s easier to accept a variety of emerging payment types, like Apple Pay.

If you’re looking for a semi-integrated payment solution that helps your business become EMV compliant and reduces your PCI scope, MiPoint is the secure, cost-effective, and reliable solution trusted by thousands of merchants across North America.

To learn more about a MiPoint integration to your point-of-sale, get in touch with us today.

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