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The Benefits Of A Restaurant Pay-At-The-Table Solution

The Benefits Of A Restaurant Pay-At-The-Table Solution

With advancements in technology, restaurant owners now have the option to bring payments directly to their customers. There are many benefits to a pay-at-the-table solution that restaurant owners won’t want to miss out on.

More Revenue
Pay-at-the-table solutions cut down the amount of time servers spend running back and forth to the point-of-sale (POS) system, enabling them to collect payments faster and serve more tables. This means restaurant owners can increase their table turnover rate – and their revenue.

Today’s pay-at-the-table solutions are also EMV capable, meaning restaurant owners are better protected against chargebacks and chargeback fees. Some of the cost savings from a pay-at-the-table solution mean that the system can easily pay for itself. From reductions in chargebacks, chargeback fees, and receipt paper usage, to increased table turns and savings on expensive PCI audit fees, a pay-at-the-table solution can greatly benefit a restaurant’s bottom line.

Better Customer Service
Faster service means happier customers and better tips for restaurant staff. “With the elimination of back-and-forth trips to the register to process payment transactions, from multiple tables at once, servers can spend more time in their sections engaging with guests and ensuring their water is always filled, they have the extra ketchup they requested, or they don’t have to wait to find out where the bathroom is. An elevated dining experience, which means interaction with the server, creates higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.”

And, customers will appreciate that their payment card never has to leave their sight. Accepting payments at the table also means that customers can use payment options, like Apple Pay, that are unavailable at restaurants with a traditional POS.

Greater Security
As mentioned above, pay-at-the-table solutions are EMV capable, which adds a layer of payment security to every transaction. The best pay-at-the-table solution should come equipped with encryption and tokenization as well, so restaurant owners are not storing, processing, or transmitting their customers’ sensitive payment card data. This protects their customers and their restaurant’s brand from the negative effects of a data breach.

What Now?
At MiCamp, we have developed an innovative EMV-certified, PCI-compliant, pay-at-the-table solution called MiPoint that integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems. This means restaurant owners can become EMV compliant and get all the benefits of a pay-at-the-table solution without getting rid of the systems that they have already invested in and are familiar with. To learn more about MiPoint, please contact us today.

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