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Unlimited Potential With Unlimited Processing Programs

Unlimited Potential With Unlimited Processing Programs

Most small business owners are acutely aware of every transaction. They work hard to keep their prices reasonable and competitive, yet it can be challenging to grow and thrive in today’s market.

Processing fees for even small credit card purchases can add up quickly. That’s why, for a lot of merchants, switching to an unlimited credit card processing program can be a smart solution. These programs offer low, fixed monthly rates for unlimited credit card processing, as opposed to having merchants pay a fee for every credit card transaction.

Better For The Bottom Line
As a business owner, it’s important to keep operating costs low – and avoiding high processing fees can help. An unlimited processing program is a way for business owners to offset some, or all, of their current merchant service fees. A business owner who processes $500,000.00 in credit card transactions annually could see savings of $12,020.00 (assuming a 2.5 percent transaction fee) – with these savings, owners can remodel their current store, open a new location, hire more staff, offer better or more comprehensive employee benefits, experiment with new product offerings or services, redesign their e-commerce website, and invest back into the company that they’ve worked so hard to build.

An unlimited processing program allows owners to assign a small fee to those transactions that are completed using a credit card. For transactions that are completed with cash, check, or debit card (hereafter referred to as “alternate payments”), customers will receive a discount, as the fee is only applicable to transactions completed by credit card.

While this type of program may seem like a departure from the norm, gas stations across the U.S. have been using a similar program for the past fifteen years. Unlimited processing programs are not the same as a surcharge or “convenience fee” program, but rather a program that incentivizes customers to use alternate payments via a discount rate. For customers completing a transaction using a credit card, the discounted rate will not apply.

This can help business owners keep more of the revenue they generate. It may be small change to customers, but for owners, that small change can add up to make a big difference.

Better Your Business With WAVit
With MiCamp’s WAVit solution, you’re able to drastically reduce your monthly credit card processing costs, accept all major credit cards (e.g., Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), and increase your business’s profitability. And with the same, low, fixed rate every month, WAVit eliminates the need to decode your monthly merchant statement and spend time negotiating the best rates for your business.

Our proprietary WAVit technology is provided in partnership with industry-leading hardware and processing vendors, so there’s no additional work for you or your staff at checkout. When a payment method is presented, WAVit processes the transaction, calculating the total based on a specific set of parameters, and the sale is finalized. With WAVit, you’re able to continue providing your customers with the quality goods and services they’ve grown accustomed to without having to increase your prices.

Contact MiCamp Solutions to Get Started
Credit card processing is essential to your business, but doesn’t have to hurt your bottom line. Since 2007, MiCamp has been helping business owners in every industry securely process payments and grow their business. One of the driving forces behind WAVit has been our unwavering commitment to helping businesses succeed. If you’re interested in learning how to accept all major credit cards for one low monthly fee, visit or give us a call at 800.396.0248.

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