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WAVit for Partners: What Comes Next

WAVit For Partners: What Comes Next

Reseller partnerships have always been central to MiCamp. By working with resellers, we’re able to get our cutting-edge solutions out in the marketplace in a big way. Not only does this ensure greater industry-wide adoption, access, and security, but it gives partners a top-tier payment solution to bring to their merchants – solutions that readily integrate, seamlessly deploy, and are easy to manage from start to finish. It’s the ultimate win-win. Reseller relationships benefit MiCamp, our resellers, and the merchant businesses they support.

Now, we’re taking those reseller offerings to the next level. In 2017, we introduced our latest solution, WAVit. Resellers have the opportunity to tap into this platform, helping their merchants cut down on processing costs and keep more of the revenue they generate.

WAVit is our zero percent credit card processing program. Instead of paying hefty fees per credit card transaction, merchants pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited transactions. All major credit cards are accepted with WAVit and MiCamp’s signature reliability, security, and ease-of-use are still par for the course. The big difference? WAVit has the power to boost a merchant’s bottom line right out of the gate and help merchants of any size, in any industry improve their profitability by spending less on credit card transactions.

So how much can a merchant expect to save with WAVit? Savings with WAVit increase based on the number of credit card transactions processed, so as a merchant’s business grows, they’ll save even more. A small business generating $150,000.00 in credit card sales will likely save around $3,270.00 in a year. Those savings grow to more than $12,000.00 per year for merchants generating $500,000.00 in annual credit card sales. And for merchants that drive close to $1 million in credit card transactions? Expect nearly $25,000.00 in yearly savings.

Our goal is to provide a new level of merchant advocacy and support – total convenience, total transparency, and total security, without the added overhead. WAVit is the next step in our business and reseller evolution, and stays true to our business model and our clients. As a reseller, you’ll have first-hand access to this innovative platform, plus the tools you need to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Our goal is to help you grow your business on your terms, with the support, assets, and bottom line-builders you need to get ahead – and stay there.

Get in touch to learn more about our reseller partnership program and learn more about why WAVit is the ultimate solution for your merchants.

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