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Who Really Benefits From Pay-At-The-Table Solutions

Who Really Benefits From Pay-At-The-Table Solutions?

Your guests want delicious food, great service, and a hassle-free dining experience. And, though it may not be their first thought as they browse through your menu, guests also want to know that their sensitive cardholder information is protected. Implementing a pay-at-the-table solution can help secure payments, increase table turnover, and keep customer satisfaction high.

Why Offer Pay At The Table?
Whether you’re a full-service restaurant or corner coffee shop, you want to make processing payments quick and simple for both your guests and your servers. Slower transaction times can lead to guest frustration, longer wait times, slower table turnover, and occasionally smaller tip amounts. Allowing your guests to pay at the table can help make for a better experience – below are several reasons to look at implementing a pay-at-the-table solution.

Guest Benefits:
With a pay-at-the-table solution, servers and guests can move more swiftly through the payment process, creating a more frictionless experience.

  1. Faster Payments – When a guest signals for the check, it can take several minutes to complete the checkout process. From the server closing out the tab and printing the receipt to receiving the signed copy, guests can be kept waiting longer than they anticipated. Bringing the payment device to the table helps speed up the process and eliminates the need for servers to run back and forth throughout the payment process. Faster service can encourage customers to continue frequenting your establishment during traditionally busy times, such as lunch. They know you’ll get them in and out in no time!
  2. Multiple Payment Options – With multiple payment options (whether that means splitting the check several different ways or paying with Apple Pay), guests are able to pay in a way that’s more convenient for them. By offering the capability to easily split checks and pay in a variety of different ways, guest satisfaction increases.
  3. Simple Tip Calculation – Pay-at-the-table solutions that provide suggested tip amounts help simplify the payment process by taking out the guesswork or room for human error when guests calculate final totals. Guests can select a tip amount based on a percentage or dollar value, or decide to enter a custom amount. Servers often see larger tips when tip options are suggested, which increases employee satisfaction.

Server Benefits:
Streamlining the payment process helps eliminate extra steps and increase efficiency. With the right pay-at-the-table solution, your servers will spend less time rushing from a stationary terminal to their tables, and more time attending to guest needs.

  1. Additional Face-Time with Guests – Pay-at-the-table systems allow your servers an extra moment to connect with guests and explain the security benefits of the new processing system. And guests enjoy interacting with both servers and newer payment technology. In a survey from the National Restaurant Association, 79% of guests said they thought technology increased convenience and 70% said it sped up service and increased accuracy.
  2. Faster Table Turn-Over – Completing payments in one simple step helps your staff reduce down-time. A pay-at-the-table solution can save servers between 15 and 30 minutes per table, which allows them to serve more guests over the course of the day.
  3. Increases Guest Trust – Instead of servers taking a guest’s payment card to a central terminal to process, a pay-at-the-table solution gives servers the ability to simply bring the payment device to the table. The transaction is quickly processed without your guests ever losing sight of their payment card.

Merchant Benefits:
The best pay-at-the-table solution should be simple to use, easy to implement, and powerful enough to grow with your business.

  1. Fewer Chargebacks – Devices that support tableside payments have been designed to be EMV-capable. Accepting EMV payments reduces the incidences of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks, so you’re able to keep more of the revenue you generate.
  2. Upgraded Technology – Newer pay-at-the-table solutions should be equipped with the latest payment security technology: encryption and tokenization. With card data being encrypted and tokenized, sensitive payment card information is not stored, processed, or transmitted in your environment. This helps protect your restaurant from a data breach and helps you simplify PCI compliance.
  3. Future-Proof Payments – With all the advancements in the payments industry, it can be difficult to forecast what’s coming next. The best pay-at-the-table solutions are forward-thinking and can grow with your business. From an unlimited number of items to servers to being equipped with the latest EMV and NFC (contactless) capabilities, a pay-at-the-table solution should be customizable, flexible, secure, and innovative.

Tableside Payments With MiPoint
You need a mobile pay-at-the-table solution that works as hard as you do. And with our MiPoint solution, you get one of the most powerful, productive payment solutions in the industry. Take payments, track inventory, run reports, manage employees, customize tips and discounts – it’s everything you need, anywhere you go. And, because MiPoint was built to work with existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, it integrates seamlessly into systems like MICROS, POSitouch, and InfoGenesis. So you’re able to keep what you’ve invested in.

For Everywhere You Do Business
Business happens in many places – and with MiPoint, you’re ready for wherever business takes you. To learn more about making a secure, industry-leading, pay-at-the-table solution like MiPoint work for your business, please give us a call at 800.396.0248 or drop us a line.

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